Outstanding performance in digital space.

Kirill Borngardt
Full Stack Marketing Expert
My ideal client understands that everything is possible in case of
proper (temporary, financial, energy) investments.
If you would like me to struggle for success of
your business- just leave a request.
I provide my clients with possibility of choice: how
to work with me (on a permanent, periodic or
advisory basis).

Projects 20-22
Anonymous client
Reputation marketing. A full range of services aimed at the goodwill and
brand image management in the Internet. It includes monitoring of
information posted and available in the Internet and activities focused on
development, support and restoration of brand reputation.
Naming for furniture store
Global Market
The post-photographic visual aesthetic that challenged tradition and changed the way we look at images forever.
Without regard to advertising budget
Contextual Targeting
Google AdWords

from 990$/ month
Facebook/ Instagram

from 990$/ month
Marketing consulting
from 49 $/hour Online
from 99 $/hour Offline

Analytics and audit of the current ad companies
from 249$

Analysis of the site usability
from 249$

Site Development
Landing Page from 1490$
Online shop from 2666$
Introduction of complication sites
from 1066 $/ month
Naming from 666$
Logo from 790$
Development of the company's style from 1390$
from 490$/ month
from 1390 $/ month
from 490 $ / month
Advertising via SMS, WhatsApp, Viber
from 490 $ / month
Reputation marketing and work with feedback
from 1390 $ / week
What projects are of the particular interest for me?
Projects where I make it possible for my clients to earn more &
saving the advertising budget via optimizing marketing expenditures.
That is why the work for % to the basic salary allows me to
achieve outstanding results.
What ad budget do I work with?
Please do not worry if your budget is small or not quite
interesting for me. Yes, it's possible! Do not worry! I will tell
you about that. This is free of charge.
What experience do I have?
I have been in marketing since 2009. Probably I am not familiar with your business direction. Nevertheless, collaboration with over 60 digital projects provides me with
perfect understanding of marketing key principles which I apply in the interests of my clients.
Being in Netherlands I've
been successfully working with
clients all over the world.
Just submit the application and
I will contact you!
Just leave a request and I will contact you!
Site of the project or reference to social networks*
Rough ad budget (including services) *